Modular vehicle equipment

Made of steel, extremely sturdy for maximum load-bearing capacity

Würth's modular vehicle equipment

The mechanical load placed on vehicle equipment is especially high in the building and civil engineering industry and the finishing trade sector.

Würth's modular vehicle equipment made of high-strength structural steel elements is ideal for these requirements. This model is characterized by its especially high load-bearing capacity and stability, as well as customizable special solutions.

Your vehicle workbench

Just as robust as the overall modular vehicle equipment, the extendable workbench offers you the space you need to work safely.

Storage systems for your vehicle equipment

Well organized and stowed securely – Würth's inserts, storage systems, and patented drawer locking system ensure that your cargo remains securely in its intended place inside the transporter.

Open quickly with convenient handle strip

Open quickly along the entire width: the practical handle strip makes it possible to open and close every drawer in the vehicle conveniently – without having to fumble around with tiny and cumbersome handles.

The shelves in the vehicle hang on Würth's hinge flaps

The handy hinge flaps on the shelves in the vehicle can be opened with a single handle. Just like the panels and the drawer handles, they are made of high-quality anodized aluminum.

Vehicle equipment: storage box shelves

Storing small parts in the vehicle is straightforward with Würth's storage box shelves. The boxes attached to the modular vehicle equipment on the shelves make organizing a cinch – and make it possible for you to access the items quickly.

Longitudinal modules in the vehicle

Vehicle equipment with longitudinal modules provides convenient access from the side door.

Planning tool

3D planning, consulting and top industry know-how.
At Würth, consultants with proven industry experience and cutting-edge software ensure that your customized vehicle equipment is planned quickly, easily and according to your wishes. We can generate an accurate visualization of your specifications with our 3D planning tool, thus giving you a clear image of your future vehicle equipment.

Take safety to go with a fire extinguisher and traffic cones in your commercial vehicle

Fire extinguisher and traffic cone