Variable vehicle equipment

Made of aluminum, steel and plastic for maximum individuality and low weight

Würth's variable vehicle equipment

The variable vehicle equipment can be adapted right down to the smallest detail to your working procedures and the stored items.

Make optimal use of the limited space inside the vehicle. This high degree of flexibility is made possible with five standard field widths, three installation depths and a 30mm vertical grid. The intelligent combination of aluminum, steel and plastic reduces weight, which in turn has a positive impact on fuel costs for your vehicle.

Vehicle equipment: handle strip

Quick opening across the entire width: the practical handle strip from Würth makes it possible to open and close every drawer conveniently – without having to fumble around with tiny and cumbersome handles.

Vehicle equipment: hinge flap

The handy hinge flaps of the vehicle shelves can be opened using a single handle. Just like the panels and the drawer handles, they are made of high-quality anodized aluminum.

Organization system for drawers

Safe storage and organization: multiple inserts and organization systems, in addition to Würth's patented drawer locking system, ensure that your cargo remains securely in its intended place inside the vehicle.

Storage box shelves for your vehicle

Storage box shelves make storing small parts in the transporter manageable. The boxes, which are attached to the shelves of the vehicle equipment, provide for order and ensure easy access.

Workbench in the vehicle

Take your workbench with you everywhere you go: it hardly takes up any space in the vehicle itself, and it can be pulled out in a snap at the construction site whenever necessary and secured with the quick adjustment feature.

Loading safety by Würth

Tensioning belts that can be clipped onto the load-securing rails and accessories that can be fastened onto the upright frames make the loading safety system even more valuable.

Würth planning program

Customer assistance and 3D planning with a high degree of industry know-how.

The industry know-how of Würth's consultants combined with our state-of-the-art planning software allow for quick, easy and custom-made planning for each individual type of vehicle equipment. We use 3D planning to visualize your specifications precisely so you get a clear picture of your future equipment solution.

Take safety to go with a fire extinguisher and traffic cones in your commercial vehicle

Fire extinguisher and traffic cone