Secure loads in commercial vehicles

Optimally with the proper equipment.


A match made in heaven: vehicle equipment and load-securing devices

Securing loads in a vehicle is a legal requirement. We offer the ideal product range for this.

Securing loads in a vehicle is a sensitive issue. This is because the responsibilities of the vehicle's owner, as well as those of the person loading and the person driving the vehicle, are clearly established by law. However, all laws aside, we also care deeply about your safety and the safety of all other road users. Our certified products for securing loads make complying with regulations a walk in the park. You can also receive additional valuable information and an in-depth individual consultation in our Würth seminars.

Further information on securing loads

Refer to the Würth printed brochures and Würth online shop for more information on the different types of load securing, the products that fit your needs, legal requirements and our complete range of merchandise.

Take safety to go with a fire extinguisher and traffic cones in your commercial vehicle

Fire extinguisher and traffic cone