Accessories for your vehicle equipment

Valuable tools that make a difference in your everyday work.

Würth's vehicle equipment is based on a system concept; the same holds true for the accessories: system boxes or partition panels, deep-draw inserts, floor panels and side wall lining for your commercial vehicle, non-slip mats, extendable and folding workbenches, or practical small parts such as the hose holder. The range of accessories for vehicle equipment also includes lighting, power generators, loading aids, and much more.

Order with structure in Würth's colorful boxes

System boxes

Use the vice to turn your vehicle into a mobile workshop


Never worry about anything sliding out of place with this non-slip mat

Non-slip mat

Optimal order, even while on the go

Storage system

Even find the perfect place to hang the hose in your commercial vehicle

Hose holder

There's even an ideal place for a paper roll in your vehicle equipment

Paper roll holder

Würth battery-powered LED work light for the best possible visibility

Battery-powered LED work light

Thanks to our can holders, cans are tucked safely away in the vehicle

Can holder

Take safety to go with a fire extinguisher and traffic cones in your commercial vehicle

Fire extinguisher and traffic cone