Maximizing safety

Simplify loading safety with the right vehicle equipment

Thousands of vehicles with equipment from Würth are on the move on the streets every day.
The drivers of those vehicles, as well as other road users, can be assured that all of our efforts go into keeping them safe. Würth vehicle equipment for commercial vehicles undergoes an array of tests, while we also promote safety with additional products and seminars geared towards loading safety.

Netting for optimal loading safety

This means the following for our vehicle equipment:

  • Crash test for all vehicle equipment models
  • Reliable extraction values for all rail systems
  • Cargo weight indicator in the drawers
  • Floor panels made of renewable resources with the Blue Angel ecolabel
  • Powder coating without solvents
  • Tried and true products for loading safety
  • Seminars on loading safety at the Würth Academy
  • isi!! Hazardous substance management for vehicles
  • Cost center management for vehicles