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ASSY ® - the innovation screw

Key Features

Assy 4

1. RW® drive and 2. RW® recess: more power, fewer bit changes

  • 2 bit sizes for the most common diameters
  • Perfect fit between screw and bit
  • Deep insertion of the bit
  • No wobbling
  • Precise positioning of the screw thanks to exact screw guidance
  • Tight-fit recess without magnetic bit holder (screw is held by a bit clamp, enabling one-handed working)
  • No slipping of the bit, even with maximum torque transmission
  • Long service life of the bit
  • No cam-out
  • Combine the advantages of Phillips, Torx and AW drive

3. Milling pockets: countersink perfectly in all applications

  • Optimum balance of joining and head countersinking
  • Suitable for wood and fittings: braking effect on metal, milling effect in wood
  • Perfect countersunk finish in coated chipboard
  • Optimized number of milling pockets depending on the application
  • Continuous 90° head geometry for a precise connection of metal and wood

4. Integrated milling shank

  • The “auxiliary motor” that reduces the amount of force required when using partial-thread screws (from diameter = 5 mm, l = 70 mm)
  • Little material destruction thanks to displacing and milling effect
  • High breaking torque and low tightening torque: low risk of screw breakage, especially with long screws
  • Spares all tools and accessories applied (bit/screwdriver) and reduced strain on wrists thanks to reduced amount of force required
  • Minimized risk of injury from metal chips due to integration of the milling shank in the thread
  • Reduced risk of splitting upon entrance of the shank

5. Asymmetrical high-performance thread: more efficiency and safety

  • No over-tightening or stripping and anchoring at high feed
  • Reinforced, asymmetrical thread flank geometry for higher power transmission in hardwoods
  • Increased anchoring depth thanks to higher thread flanks
  • Fast and fatigue-free working thanks to coarse thread of ASSY 4 steel screws
  • Safe working thanks to single thread of ASSY 4 stainless steel and ASSYplus 4 screws
  • Faster and easier to screw in than conventional chipboard screws

6. Tip with milling ribs: fast biting, reduced risk of splitting, less force required, smooth screwing in

For all ASSY® 4 screws

  • Smooth thread start ensures optimized piercing and fast biting of the screw
  • Low risk of splitting thanks to the milling ribs with displacement effect especially when screwing in at edges
  • Reduced screw-in force to be applied by minimizing the friction of the thread rotation
  • Reduced abrasion of the corrosion protection layer on the thread

6. Drill tip: edge distances as with pre-drilled holes

For all ASSYplus 4 and ASSYplus VG 4 versions

  • Minimal edge distances are possible to achieve edge distances as with pre-drilled holes and no risk of splitting thanks due to effective chip removal and adjusted bit edges

And especially for ASSYplus 4 screws with centring drill tip

  • Precise positioning without slipping for screws with centring drill tip, even on hard surfaces thanks to centring pin
  • Exact drilling process thanks to precise fiber separation by means of sharp cutting edges


CAD data for ASSY® screws

Do you need ASSY® 4 CAD data in DXF format or in any other 2D or 3D format? Visit our free online library.

There you can find different resolution levels.

CAD collection files for ASSY® 3.0 screws

ASSY® 3.0 screws for wood constructions

DWG(11MB) DXF(104MB)

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